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Impianti e ricambi per il riscaldamento e il condizionamento di ambienti


the aerferrisi systemUnlike traditional radiator heating systems, the Aerferrisi system does not occupy any inner space since the treated air, both in heating and in conditioning, spreads through a plafond and enters the rooms through delivery vents on the plafond.

the aerferrisi systemAn efficient air filter in the general recovery air vent can hold a great quantity of micro dust particles that are present in the environment. Its periodic replacement guarantees optimal filtering and avoids an excessive loss in the air load due to clogging.

the aerferrisi systemThis air treatment system can be used, once a refrigerating unit is installed, also for summer cooling, something that is absolutely unobtainable with traditional radiator heating systems.

the aerferrisi system

To create the system shown in this illustration, it is necessary to use the components briefly described as follows:

Independent boiler (A) for the heating system and hot water, whose dimensions will depend on the calories yielded by the heating unit under consideration.

Heating Unit (B) to be installed in the bathroom or in a different room, according to the type of unit that is considered.

MF Inlet Vents (C) to be mounted over the door, with a slider to calibrate the air feed. A single vent is enough for 50 sq m rooms.

R air recovery vents (D) to be mounted near the floor, generally in doors or even in walls. Consider to install at least three R air recovery vents for each MF inlet vent installed. We remind that the air recovery vents must never be installed in bathrooms and kitchens to prevent the recirculation of smells.

Plasterboard plafond (E) in the apartment’s corridor. The height of such a plafond varies from a minimum of 20 cm to a maximum of 40 cm, depending on the installed unit.

Possible external air inlet (F) with a rolling shutter that can be modulated and a canalization whose dimensions are determined according to the air flow of the heating unit for a constant scheduled change of the treated air.

External refrigerating group (G) to offer an efficient summer air conditioning with a function for cooling and dehumidifying, having at the same time a centralized heating system.

Please consider that the refrigerating group can also be installed after the creation of the system, with small changes to the water circuit.

the aerferrisi systemThis system can be equipped with an external air intake capable of being modulated, that can guarantee a continuous and constant change of air, avoiding condensation, moulds, and stagnant smells. This change of air, directly sucked up by the heating unit, gets mixed with the internal recovery air in different percentages, depending on the total, partial, or absent opening of the external air intake vent.

the aerferrisi systemDuring intermediate seasons, with the boiler turned off, it is still possible to use the heating unit as a simple ventilator and, having an external air intake available, a beneficial change of the internal air will be obtained.

the aerferrisi systemBy adding an external refrigerating unit (on the balcony floor or wall; on the roof; or in the heating station) it is possible to obtain efficient summer conditioning with a just as efficient dehumidifying function.

the aerferrisi systemIn case the heating unit is connected to a centralized heating system, it is possible to install an independent refrigerating group with a simple water connection to the internal unit. This installation can also be done later on, with small modifications to the water system.

the aerferrisi systemThe unit is directed by a simple control panel (TR2000) on which the air flow can be set and the desired room temperature can be regulated. The same unit can be supplied with an automatically controlled humidification system with separate panel (U2000).

the aerferrisi systemWith Aerferrisi’s system units you can thus guarantee adequate heating in any room, a scheduled change of air, and an optimal filtering of the air.

the aerferrisi systemSimilarly, in a situation of summer air conditioning you will have in every room the guarantee of a uniform distribution of cooled, dehumidified, and filtered air.


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