Impianti e ricambi per il riscaldamento e il condizionamento di ambienti


This section relevant to Aerferrisi refrigerator groups is divided into air-condensed units, water-condensed units, and direct expansion units; and air- or water-condensation units.

The fruits of an over 30 year experience in the water cooling sector, added to the 50 year experience in thermoventilation, bring maximum yield and reliability together.

With a very wide range of yields, our refrigerating groups are adequately proportioned to the air treatment units we produce, and in the different operating typologies, they can adapt to many implementations, depending on the installation needs.

With really low noise levels, automatically obtained for any operating needs, these machines are easy to install and maintain.

Built in strong zinc-coated sheet-metal and with first rate components, they can be located externally on roofs or balconies in the technically appropriate spaces.  

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