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Impianti e ricambi per il riscaldamento e il condizionamento di ambienti

Our factory

Apartments, offices, hotels, shopping centers, greenhouses, schools: For over sixty years Aerferrisi has been proposing heating systems that suit any situation and any system type, ensuring its correct management to guarantee the actual healthiness of living environments.

Paolo FerrisiEstablished in Torino as Aerotermica Ferrisi in March 1942 by Engineer Paolo Ferrisi, the company has maintained in time its initial calling to being specialists in creating comfortable air conditioned environments. Fan heating was thus an operational choice, to which the company has remained faithful in time, making its name a synonym for product efficiency, long life, and quality. The story of Aerferrisi is long, it started during the war years with the enthusiasm of a pioneer and was built and consolidated in time with products that have made the history of air conditioning and wellbeing in indoor environments. A family company, passed on by its founder to his son, and from him to his children and nephews, it avails itself of the precious collaboration of faithful and qualified workers, where the different personalities operate in synergy and with commitment to carry on the work and, at the same time, sift among the new technologies the winning solutions for a greater system efficiency.
From the first appliances built at the start, supplied in a wide variety of solutions that would respond to the requests of single users and that were often implemented by using appliances with unusual shapes, we have moved on to designing and manufacturing mass produced items to meet the most repetitious customer demands: heating solutions for indoor environments. Holder of some important patents, the founder of the company soon created the bases of what became in time the current production: the construction of heat exchangers with high efficiency finned tubes, run through by air silently blown by low-consumption fans.
The long duration of Aerferrisi machines is proverbial, they have often been working for over thirty years, simply updated by adding some devices or by replacing worn out components.
The most significant product in terms of volumes consists of our fan heaters, ranging from 500 to 8,000 m³/h.
The Aerferrisi system is divided in four models of fan heater appliances that are fundamentally characterized by the same technical parameters, but have a different air distribution typology so that they can adapt to any installation needs both from a technical and an architectural point of view.
There is a wide choice of products for different environments: hotels, residence buildings, shopping centers, hospitals, or greenhouses. Aerferrisi has always produced, with its patented system, all of the heat exchanger coils that equip its appliances. The main difference from other finned systems is given by the fact that the fins are forced on the crude tube. This system affords greater rigidity and therefore sturdiness to the whole finned block, plus a better adherence and thus a greater yield. Another distinctive trait is the distance between the fins that, being kept around three millimeters, guarantees a better – and above all silent – passage of the air. At the same time, a longer life is guaranteed to the heat exchanger, as it less subject to the risk of clogging with dust or other particles; furthermore, air load losses are very low.
As Aerferrisi is able to make, with its own machinery, finned blocks that greatly differ among themselves, it can also manufacture, on the basis of samples or of requested technical, thermic, and dimensional characteristics, any type of heat exchanger for the most different needs. The only fixed element is the choice of materials: copper for the tube and aluminum for the fins. In fact, the value of this combination of materials has yet to be surpassed in terms of thermic yield and product life.
The company has over 75 service and commercial points on the national territory. The professional skills and the strong ethical motivation make Aerferrisi a reliable partner for any air conditioning needs.
Today, Aerferrisi’s strongest commitment is to promote the centralized installation in residence buildings of machines forsummer and winter air conditioning in apartments. In fact, the use of splits for summer air conditioning only seems more up-to-date, but, with an appropriate study, a collective system could guarantee much lower installation costs and avoid the unpleasantness of having dozens of external condensing units; at the same time, it would extend air conditioning to the whole apartment and not only to a living room or a bedroom.
After all, we are assisting more and more to the creation of district heating networks, that are nothing but central systems; when the house is already equipped with radiators, the purpose is to rid oneself of the use of a heater, with all the relevant problems (chimney, cleaning of the burner, purchase of fuel, space used, periodical servicing, combustion checks, etc….). But if the house is to be built from its foundations, why not take advantage of this fact and adopt a system that will allow to have, besides heating, also summer air conditioning? This is possible with Aerferrisi machines; hundreds of houses already have this type of system installed, which also allows to centralize the refrigerator group for summer air conditioning.

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