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Impianti e ricambi per il riscaldamento e il condizionamento di ambienti

Fan Heating Systems for Movie Theaters

The Aerferrisi System has obtained great results in air treatment through fan heating for public movie theaters.

There are in Italy at least 1000 movie theaters run with the Aerferrisi system and Aerferrisi units. From the smaller theaters (500-800 cu m) to the larger ones (8,000-12,000 cu m), the problems of fan heating have been efficiently solved by the heating units of our system.

The Aerferrisi Technical Service has developed the best and simplest method for the functioning and the positioning of heating units.

The unit of series CU is commonly used, properly completed in a special compartment. CU units are mounted understage in parallel, with suction from a plenum duct that mixes external and internal air. Before reaching the heating unit, the air is filtered by panels made of a special fabric used for Aerferrisi heating units, that can be easily inspected, with filtering baffles that can be easily removed and replaced.

No air locks are provided to graduate the mixing of air, since these would have to be operated each time, depending on how crowded the theater is, resulting in a complex work and often uncontrolled expenses. Only the regulation of air extraction will provide the active change in the necessary proportion.

From the CU heating units the air is delivered into the room through fixed directional vents. The air recovery takes place from the lower portion of the understage, and the external air inlet is placed in the proper position.

The air extractors used with the ES Aerferrisi series are placed high up on the balcony, so that the air gets separately sucked up from the balcony and from the understage. Their function will be to activate the air change, at the same time extracting fumes and unpleasant smells, and attracting the temperate air coming from the CUs in the understage.

The amount of external inlet is automatically proportioned, increasing or diminishing the ES’s extraction volume, by using the special volume regulators supplied by Aerferrisi with the centrifugal air extractors.

From the booth or the manager’s office the volume of the changed air can be regulated, dividing it between the balcony and the understage, depending on the distribution of viewers in the theater. The regulator’s notches, from 1 to 5, are equated to the present people. The speed of the CU units is regulated with a single control panel with 5 intensity levels, relevant to the conditions that one wishes to obtain.

Initially, the system will be operated at maximum volume, and then it will be run at a lower intensity depending on the need for heating, quietness, and wellbeing.

The temperature in the theater is automatically regulated by a pilot modulating thermostat, placed in an appropriate area, that regulates the flow of water to the CU coils. To heat the accessory rooms (entrance, hall, snack bar, etc.), the procedure will be the same as any fan heated environment. At the entrance, it is always important to mount one or more heating units with a completely external air inlet. This will allow to create the essential overpressure that eliminates the annoying flow of external air when the viewers come in. The heat regulation of the accessory rooms is independent from what happens in the room where the movies are shown; at a certain point, this room receives the heat from the spectators, which continuously modifies the conditions inside the room.

Concerning the amount of changed air, it must be considered that it must not be less than 20 cu m for every hosted person.

In establishing the size of the CU unit’s size and of the air extractors this essential factor must always be considered.

The best movie theaters or performance halls with intense crowding have been serviced with Aerferrisi units.

These are hundreds of systems made according to our indications above and that are fully successful.

Installers and heating technicians can request every help and clarification to the Aerferrisi Technical Service, exploiting the considerable experience acquired through time and the many realizations.


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