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Impianti e ricambi per il riscaldamento e il condizionamento di ambienti

Fan Heating Systems for Churches

The problem of heating in buildings used for religious worship is particularly felt and important, as it involves the need to obtain some special characteristics that are necessary in order to get the result in the best possible way. The characteristics that such a system must have can be summed up in these points:

It is possible to demonstrate that, to obtain the best results for each of the points above, the only possible system is that of fan heating and, more precisely, a system with a multiple zone fan heater. We immediately explain why this preference is necessary: Using only one fan heater would require a considerable installation of main and secondary canalizations for air delivery, with various branches, plus canalizations for air recovery. All of this would entail the use of space, difficulties of implementation, and furthermore it would require the use of powerful (and therefore noisy) fans to push the air in these conduits.

Having made this premise, we will explain how the Aerferrisi system with multiple mobile units satisfies the different requirements:

The functioning of Aerferrisi machines is famous for its extreme silence, obtained by dimensioning the ventilation groups, made with materials that have such characteristics as to allow to muffle any noise, and so shaped as to make them statically and dynamically balanced under any work conditions. Aerferrisi fans consist of a motor with double shaft sticking out from both sides, to which the impellers are splined. The whole system of motors-shafts-impellers has an elastic, threedimensional support; thus, all possible vibrations are absorbed, though they are extremely low to begin with, due to the natural balance and axiality of the rotating components. Moreover, it must not be forgotten that the special Aerferrisi patent for 5 speed rotating motors not only allows to adjust the system to the actual heating needs, but it also allows to let the machines work at a faster speed during the short pre-heating periods, reducing then the number of revolutions to the minimum during services. We also wish to recall some of the main characteristics of our machinery, and specifically the split-ring motor in F class, absolutely reliable and long-lasting, as it can also sustain tropical temperatures. As it is equipped with bushing supports and built-in lubrication with tank and felt, maintenance is practically inexistent, at least during the first 10 years. The radiant coils, made of copper and aluminum, have a wide surface and very small resistance to the passage of air, allowing an extremely long operation time without need for cleaning and with no loss of yield, thanks mainly to the wide fin spacing that prevents the accumulation of dust. Each machine is complete with an electrical control device, safety and regulation devices, made according to the most recent legal requirements and always designed for simple and easy application.


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