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Impianti e ricambi per il riscaldamento e il condizionamento di ambienti

Fan Heating Systems for Apartments

Here is a layout typical of today’s Italian architecture and construction style.

This plan can be part of an apartment building shaped as desired, that is, with many storeys (tower), with few storeys and a large horizontal development, or as a row house, according to the recurring construction modes.

The air system we are assuming is independent, that is, it has its own hot water station, as is required today, although in our opinion this system is expensive, dangerous, and involutional compared to the central boilers of some years ago, or compared to the future district heating. Anyway, the feed through a small boiler takes away nothing from this planning, since the design would be the same also with the thermic fluid coming from a different source.

Air distribution, the “new” vehicle for wellbeing, takes place with great plainness and through a simple plafond, that is, by lowering the ceiling in the corridor. In fact, as all rooms are placed around the access corridor and are only at a few meters’ distance, it would be absurd to recur to canalizations that would only complicate life for everyone, with a great waste of money and sometimes doubtful results.

The “heating” machine, the fan heater, can be installed in almost any position, as long as it is placed along the perimeter of the plafond, so that the circulation air can be blown into it. You will notice some proposals, each of them has such characteristics that can make it the preferred one, depending on the situation. The machine can be placed high on the ceiling, as is always the case with CA models, above the entrance door: an excellent position, with the advantage of allowing the inspection of the internal parts from outside the apartment and thus also in the absence of users. It requires the construction of a door panel, that can be inserted in the entrance door, unless one prefers to leave the inspection panel of the CA unit in sight; excellent air distribution and direct external air inlet through the passage from the landing into the box.

It is possible to place the machine above the kitchen door, a typical solution, as well as above the bathroom door. In any case, the squared design of this appliance, with a pleasant enamel painting in Saharan sand coloring, does not clash with the appliances that normally are in these rooms. The machine’s controls, the thermostat and the 5 speed variator, are both present on a single TR 2000 panel, that must be placed on a wall at about 1.5 m from the floor in a “pilot” environment, that is one that represents the desired temperatures. The corridor, the bathroom, and the kitchen should be excluded.

As it can be seen in the designs, the length of the pipes that carry the hot water is extremely small, and therefore their laying requires very little time. Moreover, the pipes can be in chase entirely along the walls, thus leaving the floors completely free: this is an extremely important aspect, especially for construction companies, that are free to plan the laying of the floors independently of the heating system pipes, while another advantage comes from the minor risk of having pipes inside the walls and not under the floors, given the risk of movements due to the heat.

A further advantage is given by the fact that all pipes can be prefabricated in the workshop and then finally placed at the construction site; for the pipe layer, the time saved is considerable.


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