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Impianti e ricambi per il riscaldamento e il condizionamento di ambienti

Self starting device

The winter automatic start device is a very important element in the functionality of Aerferrisi’s heating units. During the cold season, when the selector of the thermostatic control panel is in the “INVERNO” position, the unit’s fan starts functioning only when the warm water that enters the finned coil-block reaches and exceeds the temperature of 38°C. The basic advantages are:
- It avoids unpleasant cold air ventilation.
- The fan of the unit gets automatically started when the (hot coil-block) boiler is turned on, and it stops working when the temperature of the circulating water goes below a certain degree. It practically works as an on-off switch in parallel with the functioning of the boiler.
- The turning off of the fan with the boiler turned on or its intermittent functioning (it repeatedly turns on and off) indicates that the water does not adequately fill the unit or its temperature is too low. It is necessary to look for the reasons for this insufficient circulation. It can depend on: A lack or low level of water in the system; formation of air bubbles that must be bled; high points in the piping devoid of an adequate vent; failed functioning of the circulation pump. Another reason could be the incorrect positioning or even the detachment of the self-starting device itself.
The device is made of a double sheet-metal thermostat that is placed in direct contact with the elements of the heating unit’s coil-block. The self-starter is turned on and off when it senses a higher or lower temperature than 38°C.
In CA-CP-CV-CU-AE heating units, all equipped with this accessory, it receives the command directly from the “10-11” terminals on the TR2000 Aerferrisi heat regulator. A special selector inserts and annuls it in the “INVERNO” positions if there is hot water in circulation, or in “ESTATE” for continuous functioning, overriding the AVV self-starter in order to obtain active ventilation.
It is made in one only dimension and it independently serves the small and the large units. We make it however clear that the self-starter is always supplied where there is a heat regulator. Should only one heat regulator serve more than one unit, the starter can be individually applied on a pilot unit.


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