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Impianti e ricambi per il riscaldamento e il condizionamento di ambienti

Confort U2000 Humidifier

The U2000 humidistat, in line with the appearance of the TR2000 thermoregulator, is the device that controls the functioning of the CONFORT humidifier, with which it is usually supplied. The reading scale is for relative humidity RH%, expressed as a percentage value. If the environment is dry, the humidistat closes the electric circuit activating the humidifier’s solenoid valve, and stops the valve by opening the circuit once the set value is reached. It must be installed in the room which the user desires to take as a sample of the degree of humidity, and normally at a height of 1.60 mt from the floor.
We suggest not to install it in rooms that, by their nature, can distort the correct reading and thus supply a wrong parameter for the humidity in all of the rooms; for instance: never install it in kitchens or bathrooms, where the vapor production caused by cooking and baths could distort the reading.
Normally, with 20°C a good humidity value is between 35 and 55%; lower values already represent dry air, while higher values can cause condensation and thus wetness on dispersing surfaces (simple window panes, concrete beams,….) in the presence of particular external temperatures. We suggest to turn the humidifier on exclusively when the external temperature goes below +5°C, and to let it work continuously in these conditions.
Upon request, it is possible to provide reverse humidistats, that is, humidistats that can close the electric circuit when the humidity rises; this is especially advisable for turning on air extractors in rooms that can have a strong concentration of humidity (indoor swimming pools, cleaners’, drying rooms….).


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